Directorate 首長級 D2

Administrative Officer Staff Grade C 首長級丙級政務官
Assistant Commissioner for Census and Statistics 政府統計處助理處長
Assistant Commissioner for Innovation and Technology 創新科技署助理署長
Assistant Commissioner for Labour 勞工處助理處長
Assistant Commissioner for Transport 運輸署助理署長
Assistant Commissioner of Banking 助理銀行監理專員
Assistant Commissioner of Inland Revenue 稅務局助理局長
Assistant Commissioner of Insurance 助理保險業監理專員
Assistant Commissioner of Rating and Valuation 差餉物業估價署助理署長
Assistant Director of Accounting Services 庫務署助理署長
Assistant Director of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation 漁農自然護理署助理署長
Assistant Director of Audit 審計署助理署長
Assistant Director of Broadcasting 助理廣播處長
Assistant Director of Environmental Protection 環境保護署助理署長
Assistant Director of Health 衞生署助理署長
Assistant Director of Housing 房屋署助理署長
Assistant Director of Information Services 政府新聞處助理處長
Assistant Director of Information Technology Services 資訊科技署助理署長
Assistant Director of Management Services 管理參議署助理署長
Assistant Director of Marine 海事處助理處長
Assistant Director of Social Welfare 社會福利署助理署長
Assistant Director of Telecommunications 電訊管理局助理總監
Assistant Director of the Hong Kong Observatory 香港天文台助理台長
Assistant Director of Water Supplies 水務署助理署長
Assistant Director-General of Civil Aviation 民航處助理處長
Assistant Government Chemist 助理政府化驗師
Assistant Official Receiver 助理破產管理署署長
Assistant Postmaster General 郵政署助理署長
Chief Staff Officer, Civil Aid Service 民眾安全服務處總參事
Consultant 顧問醫生
Director of Protocol 禮賓處副處長
Government Architect 政府建築師
Government Building Services Engineer 政府屋宇裝備工程師
Government Building Surveyor 政府屋宇測量師
Government Electrical and Mechanical Engineer 政府機電工程師
Government Engineer 政府工程師
Government Geotechnical Engineer 政府土力工程師
Government Land Agent 政府地政監督
Government Land Surveyor 政府土地測量師
Government Maintenance Surveyor 政府屋宇保養測量師
Government Quantity Surveyor 政府工料測量師
Government Structural Engineer 政府結構工程師
Government Town Planner 政府城市規劃師
Head of Greening, Landscape and Tree Management Section 綠化、園境及樹木管理組主管
Principal Assistant Secretary for Security (Assessment) 首席助理保安司(分析)
Principal Economist 首席經濟主任
Principal Training Officer 首席訓練主任
Registry Manager 註冊處經理
Secretary-General of the Film Development Council 電影發展局秘書長
Senior Principal Executive Officer 高級首席行政主任
Senior Principal Trade Controls Officer 高級首席貿易管制主任
(DPS 2)
$189,150 – $206,700