Directorate 首長級 D6

Administrative Officer Staff Grade A 首長級甲級政務官
Commissioner for Innovation and Technology 創新科技署署長
Commissioner for Labour 勞工處處長
Commissioner of Banking 銀行監理專員
Commissioner of Inland Revenue 稅務局局長
Director of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation 漁農自然護理署署長
Director of Civil Engineering and Development 土木工程拓展署署長
Director of Health 衞生署署長
Director of Highways 路政署署長
Director of Information Services 政府新聞處處長
Director of Marine 海事處處長
Director of Water Supplies 水務署署長
Director-General of Civil Aviation 民航處處長
Director-General of Investment Promotion 投資推廣署署長
Director-General of Telecommunications 電訊管理局總監
Government Chief Information Officer 政府資訊科技總監
(DPS 6)
$279,600 – $287,900